Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bloody Mary Bar for Playoff Weekend

Setting up a Bloody Mary bar is so easy to do!  It's always a hit on game day because your family and friends can make to their own liking. Spicy or mild!

I love Vintage Vine Bloody Mary Mix base from Lincoln Park Beverage Company. It has red pepper, honey, horseradish, onion, garlic and black pepper already in the mix and it's gluten free. 

Slicing, Dicing and Preparing Garnishes

I also like to offer V8 as a tomato base.  It has just 50 calories for 8 ounces and it has vegetable juices and spices already in it. Ketelone. is a favorite of mine as well as Titosvodka.

Let your guests pour their own tomato base and add their vodka, ice, and garnishes to their own liking. I love Blue Cheese, Feta, or Pimento stuffed olives as garnishes in my Bloody Mary's.  Check out my list below for other great garnish ideas.

Always offer soft drinks, wine, waters and PLENTY OF ICE! 

6 cups of the tomato base will make approximately 8-10 drinks.

Here are a few of my favorite Bloody Mary garnishes for your bar.  
Cubes cheddar or mozzarella, cut up summer sausage, pickle spears, quartered lemons or limes, stuffed olives, baby corn, marinated artichoke hearts, pepperocini peppers and sliced celery.

For spice offer Tabasco, Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Sriracha, A-1 steak sauce or Worcestershire sauce.

Protein offerings include cooked bacon strips, cooked shrimp and pepperoni sticks.

Have "beer chaser" pints on hand too.  Always a favorite!  

~May your team win & enjoy your weekend~

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