Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back Yard Brunch this weekend

Celebrate Summer in the biggest way this weekend by inviting family and friends to brunch in your back yard.  

Here are some easy ideas!

Easy french toast with a side of fruit.

A fresh fruit individual serving for a healthy choice.
Easy Make Ahead Egg Casserole. Cube bread and place on bottom of 13x9 pan sprayed with cooking spray.  Mix 10 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar, chopped cooked bacon, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper in a bowl, pour into pan on top of bread, cover, refrigerate overnight and bake at 350 for 45 minutes or until the eggs are cooked. Serve!

Make Your Own Bloody Mary is always a fun idea!

Pre cut and slice limes, celery, cherry tomatoes, pickles and place in pretty bowls.  Don't forget the stuffed olives.  My favorite is Blue Cheese!

I love my Bloody Mary in a mason jar with a lot of ice.
Serve up Hot Biscuit in a pretty basket with a linen napkin for nice presentation.  Offer a nice seletion of jellies, jams, butters, cheeses, deli ham and/or turkey.  Yum! My niece served this to us recently at a get together and it was a huge hit with everyone.  

Monday, August 14, 2017

Grilling Burgers

Photo Lakehouselyn
Here's one of my favorite burgers topped with Swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, slice of fresh tomato and lettuce.  Most of the time I serve healthy sides but sometimes you just have to indulge in home style french fries and a sliced pickle! Have you noticed how much better food tastes when eaten "alfresco"?  

Here's a tip from MichaelSymon from ABC's TheChew..  When you have formed your burger patty, make an indentation in the middle of the burger with your thumb to contain the juiciness in the burger while it grills. 

Also, spread a little mayonnaise onto the inside of the top and bottom of the bun before serving and place on grill for a couple of minutes to add a nice crispness to the bun before serving.  

What's your favorite burger? 

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Fun Summer Scavenger Hunt

Here's a simple summer activity for all ages.  Create teams and first team back with the most items wins!  Celebrate with s'mores by the bonfire tonight.

🆊 Hammock
🆊 Bug Spray
🆊 Lawn Chair
🆊 Flip Flops
🆊 A Swing
🆊 Road Sign
🆊 American Flag
🆊 Bug
🆊 Sunglasses
🆊 A Bike
🆊 Sunscreen
🆊 A Blade of Grass
🆊 Flowers
🆊 A Hose
🆊 Pinecone
🆊 A Birdhouse
🆊 A Furry Creature
🆊 A Grill

Happy Weekend!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Easy Grilled Corn

I can't get enough of our local Farmer's Markets and go as often as possible.  Windyacresfarmstand is a favorite vendor of my daughter and myself and we stock up on our favorite corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, grapes, blueberries and raspberries.....let's not forget their peaches! ( I love tossing sliced peaches in my green salads).

Corn on the cob is best when cooked on the day you buy it.  
  Peel the husks back, but leave attached to the ear.  Remove as many of the silks as you can.  For extra deliciousness, soak the corn in milk for an hour in the refrigerator before grilling. The milk acts like a brine and gives the corn added moisture and flavor.  Found this on betterhomesandgardens grilling secrets. 
Recover the ears with the husks.  Tear or cut a long piece of husk and use to tie the tip of the husks together.
Grill corn for 25 minutes or until kernels are tender.  Turn the cobs occasionally.  Top with flavored butter below.

Top corn with butter and enjoy!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Outdoor Movie Night

Create your own "Drive-In" in your Back Yard

You can make your own drive-in movie in your back yard or on your patio this Summer.  

 It's easy to do with a little creativity using your own style.  Use a wagon or any table to display all of your snacks for the evening.  It's easy to pop large bowls of popcorn, give everyone a paper bag, and create a "Popcorn Bar" using various toppings for each individual to make their own personal treat.  

Years ago  I began mixing pretzel twists, cheese puffs, Chex Snack Mix, and mini chocolate chips in the bowl with the popcorn.  Now it has become the traditional way to serve popcorn in our house. Peanut butter M&M's are a tasty addition too.  Check out the supermarket aisle where you buy your popcorn for these seasonings...Ranch, White Cheddar, Nacho Cheddar, Caramel and don't underestimate the power of Chili Lime seasonings for some real zest.  

If you don't have enough lawn chairs to go around, buy a few inexpensive white sheets, roll them up and display them in a basket with a sign that reads, "Take a Sheet and Have a Seat." 

Here are a couple of ideas for showing your movie outside.  For a less expensive screen, hang a large white sheet or a drop cloth from trees or on the house and dress it up with tiny white lights around the sheet.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the movies!

Monday, July 31, 2017

EASY Grilled Chicken Leftovers

When I grocery shop, I buy enough chicken breasts to cook for 2 meals.  This week I simply marinated chicken breasts in ziplock bags with Italian dressing in the fridge for a few hours (or overnight), and grilled them for about 25 minutes.   They were moist and delicious and served them with fresh corn on the cob. Perfect summer meal! I sliced the remaining chicken breasts and sealed them in ziplock bags to freeze.  After the weekend Farmer's Market I visit each Saturday morning, I like serving fresh green salads with lettuce, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, chopped walnuts, and sliced chicken I have frozen and thawed.  My dressing of choice is a raspberry vinaigrette, but balsamic dressing drizzled on this salad is great too. Easy and won't heat your house on these warm summer days.  Don't forget a basket of crusty rolls.

~Happy Grill Tuesday~

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lions Club Annual Lobster Boil/Steak Fry

Saturday, July 29th will mark the 34th Annual Lobster Boil & Steak Fry in Fontana, Wisconsin hosted by Bigfootlionsclub.  If you live in neighboring communities, or are planning a weekend to Lake Geneva or southeastern Wisconsin,  mark your calendar & come out and enjoy a great family day of festivities.  It's worth the trip, I promise! The children's area has fun things for the kids, and there's music all day long starting at noon.

The Bigfootlionsclub has covered much of the cost of building a beautiful pavilion in Reid Park along the lakefront of Geneva Lake where the event is held.  Our family attends the Lobster Boil each summer and it's such a highlight of our summer activities.  Festivities begin at noon serving hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and soda and dinners are served from 2-9, but if you'd like to take your dinner home to enjoy, there is a great drive through service open from 2-8 at the Park House on the north end of the pavilion.  Click Bigfootlionsclub for more information.

There's also a beer tent featuring Leinenkugel Summer Shandi, & also offering red and white wine. The weather looks outstanding in Wisconsin this weekend with a lot of sunshine.  I hope to see you there! Have a great weekend with family and friends.