Thursday, January 26, 2017

Snow Play

One of the reasons I love Winter might be the way nature tells everyone to take a break and slow down from the rest of the busy seasons of life.  The fire from the fireplace feels warmer and the house seems cozier.  It enriches my soul to reconnect as a family with fireside talks, good food, hot chocolate (and Bailey's) and we all agree when the snow is coming down and the winds are blowing, we have a great excuse to stay in our pajamas all weekend long.  

But, if you dare venture outdoors when the children get cabin fever, bundle up  and arm yourselves with Sno-Paint from Hearthsong.  The price is approximately $18.98 and included in the kit are 4 sprayer bottles, and 4 colors. Refills are available too.   It is as much fun for adults as the kids.  Check it out and grab a bottle of this environmentally friendly, pet friendly snow paint and release your inner artist on the new fallen snow. The colors disappear as the snow melts.

Have Fun! 

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