Monday, January 30, 2017

Grilled Cheese Bar for Fun Supper


When we are weeks into Winter with no sunshine, comfort food is calling my name.  Grilled cheese is always my go to when I'm in the mood to create a fun meal. It reminds me of growing up and Mom making our family of 7 grilled cheese for Saturday suppers.  We loved it with a side of tomato soup.  

Simple grilled cheese and tomato soup are still my favorites, but if you're looking to step it up a notch, setting up a Make Your Own Grilled Cheese station is fun and personal because everyone gets to make it their way.

-It's 9 easy steps -
1 -Do as much prep work ahead of time as you can. 

2 -Cook, cool and store bacon in fridge ahead of time if it's a topping of your choice.

3- Preslice apples, figs, pears, tomatoes and avocados.  Delicious on grilled cheese and the kids can help with prep work ahead of time.

4- A nice variety is tomato basil, 4 cheese, rye & sourdough. We live close to Panera so I like to pick up my breads and have them preslice for me. Or pick up your breads at your local supermarket. 

5- Arrange your cheeses on a large platter, cover and store in 
the fridge.  My favorites are Gruyere, cheddar, fontina & colby jack.
6- A simple platter of the cooked ham, turkey or  prosciutto for the meat lovers in your home for anyone who cares to enjoy on their grilled cheese. 

7- Have bowls of softened butter, mayonnaise and olive oil with basting brushes near the griddle to brush onto breads before toasting. And a couple of spatulas for turning the sandwiches. 

8- Lightly spray your large griddle (stovetop or electric) and preheat close to meal time.

9- Stack plates near the griddle so it's 1,2,3 assemble, grill and enjoy.
Enjoy and Happy Tuesday! 


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  2. Thanks so much Danielle! You are too kind :)