Thursday, October 15, 2015

Adjust A Grill for your Firepit

                We had our family up north for a recent weekend,  and our son and daughter in law surprised us with an adjustagrill,  a grill of simple design to be used for campfire cooking.  It involves a simple set up, and is adjustable to raise or lower with the turn of a knob.  So we inserted the support rod into the ground at the base of our fire pit, placed the grill on top, lit a fire and enjoyed the outdoor cooking on a gorgeous Fall day.

They treated us to grilled rib eyes from omahasteaks  seasoned just right with omahasteaks seasoned salt and cooked to utter perfection! Also on the menu were hot dogs for the smallest family members who truly appreciates the fine cuisine of a grilled beef hot dog:)

After we finished enjoyed our wonderful meal, we gathered our graham crackers, Hershey's bars, and marshmallows, collected sticks from the yard and made s'mores. How genius was our son in law's idea of assembling his s'mores and placing it on the grill top to melt evenly.    Pure delight!  

Pick up your Adjust-A-Grill today at bassproshop or cabelas and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends this weekend.  

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