Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lake Geneva Shore Path

If you live or are visiting the Midwest the next few weeks, please take advantage of visiting the LakeGenevaWi area to explore nature at it's finest.  Not to mention great restaurants, hotels and shops.

One of the best attractions in the LakeGenevaWi area is the historic shore walk path that allows you to walk around Geneva Lake in it's entirety via lakeside.  The entire path is approximately 21 miles.  Bear in mind this is a foot path and there are some spots the path may have steep climbs or narrow crossing.  Native Americans used it as a rough trail more than a century ago. The paths face has become worn and a bit rugged, but it still shows beautifully after the years of walkers on this fine and precious gem.  If your mobility is limited, walk just a small distance and return.  You will still be able to share the true beauty the path has to offer. You have opportunity to walk in front of the oldest and most beautiful estates on Geneva Lake. Estate owners for the most part embrace walkers enjoying the trail. Some provide a comfortable bench, seat, or swing for the weary walker to seek a few moments of rest before moving on. You can actually feel their hospitality and love for the area with their act of kindness.  Such a true portrayal of the people of LakeGenevaWi.  

Our husbands enjoying sports talk along the way.  

Kaitlyn of sistersmarie loves the path. So does Lisa!

I made a friend along the way:)

We've almost made it to our destination! The view is majestic. Fitz loved the walk.  

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the moments! Thanks for stopping by today.

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