Monday, June 19, 2017

Encouraging Thoughts during Hard Times

My blog posts are usually upbeat. Now and then I am write one from my heart and this is one of those this morning. This is my sister -in- law Patti. We may not be sisters from birth, but we are true sisters at heart.  I love her dearly.  She has a sense of humor that is unique and she can make anyone laugh. Last year when a dear friend of mine was undergoing a very serious cancer surgery that lasted several hours, I sent Patti a text from the hospital waiting area that I had never felt so overwhelmed. That evening she arrived at our home with a basket she had filled with wine, chocolates, magazines and bath products.  It was one of the sweetest acts of love that gave me such a smile when I needed it the most. 

 Patti is having delicate brain surgery this morning to remove the first of 2 tumors which fortunately are benign.  I admire her for so many reasons I don't where to begin.  Her strength and courage moving forward with everything she's gone through in her 59 years of life.  She became a widow in her 40's, left to raise a young daughter on her own.  Patti is a nurse and worked shifts that would allow her to be with her daughter during non school hours.  She lost her Dad, my father in law a couple of weeks before her wedding.  We lost her Mom a couple of weeks before her daughter's wedding.  Now as she has found new happiness with a man who loves both her and our family, she is facing heath issues.  We are confident she will recover beautifully and hope to get back soon to enjoying her newfound happiness.  

Patti's is the 5th of our family surgeries in the past 8 weeks and it is with the love and support of our family that gives strength for recovery.  When you are faced with difficult times, embrace those around you and accept their offers to help, even if it is just a hug when you need it.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, you're familiar with my love of cooking.  Over years past of countless hours of waiting at hospitals for news of loved ones, I have begun packing homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for family waiting with me.  There's something about it that lifts our spirits.  When my mother in law was hospitalized and we were all quite upset, I packed my sandwiches and fed everyone with a smile and suddenly the mood lifted.  When our neighbor had begun Hospice, I baked scones and took them to his family, later finding out it was the one food he was requesting that week before he passed.  It brought him a little bit of happiness and I will always feel good about that.  The smallest gestures can make the biggest difference during troubled times.  Reach out.  It makes a difference.  

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  1. You are the sweetest, mama ❤️ I've been thinking of Aunt Patti since I read Teresa's post. Wishes for a speedy recovery! Xoxoxo