Monday, May 2, 2016

Porterhouse Steaks this Grill Tuesday

I love a grilled Porterhouse steak.  (any steak will do).  This recipe uses beer to add an extra "oomph" to the barbecue sauce.  If this is wrong, I don't want to be right!  I found this recipe in Food & Wine Magazine (June 2014).  Check it out.

Serves 4.  
Two 1/4 lb. porterhouse steaks, cut 1 1/4 inches thick
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup your favorite bottled barbecue sauce
1/4 cup beer, preferably American lager
Vegetable oil, for brushing

Light your gas grill and season the steaks with salt and pepper generously.  Let them stand at room temperature for 30 minutes.  In a small bowl, whisk the barbecue sauce with the beer.  
Oil the grill grate.  Grill the steaks over high heat, turning once, until lightly charred on both sides, about 6 minutes total.  Baste the steaks with the barbecue sauce and grill, turning and basting occasionally, until glazed.  If you use an instant read thermometer inserted in the thickest part of the meat, it should register 120 for medium-rare for 3-5 minutes more.  Transfer the steaks to a carving board and let them rest for 10 minutes before serving.  

Serve up with your favorite salad and/or veggie to enjoy.  

Happy Grilling!

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