Thursday, May 12, 2016

Is There a Little Free Library in your Neighborhood?

I have had a passion for bookstores since I was a young adult, and our children share the same passion.  I love the smell and look of bookstores, big or small.  Hence, over the years my book collection has grown to capacity. I remember reading about LittleFreeLibrary a few years ago and thinking to myself this is something I must do for our neighborhood and community.  Why not share the books I have read with others and vice versa?  

Littlefreelibrary was started by Todd Bol in his hometown of Hudson, Wisconsin, where he built the first library in 2009 as a tribute to his mother.  She was a former teacher and lifelong reader.  He put out a sign that read "free books".  There are now 25,000 libraries and stewards like myself worldwide providing hardcovers and paperbacks to their neighborhoods .  It makes me happy to see how it brings neighborhoods together and engages conversation with those walking by who happen to notice my library for the first time.  

See a book you like?  Take it home.  Do you have a book to share?  Add it to the library.  The books are always changing and I try to offer books for all ages and interests.  If you're interested in becoming a library steward, please check out the website LittleFreeLibrary for information on how to purchase your library or build your own.  

Lakehouse Lyn library open for business

Assembling the posts 

My husband hard at work helping me fill the library with fun reads

Before placing my library on the outside post

Yvonne loves one of my favorite authors, NoraRoberts.  Have you read her book Whiskey Beach?  It's a good Summer read!

Start one in your community and promote your love of reading this Summer.

~Happy Weekend~

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