Thursday, March 31, 2016

They Make It & I Bake It

I feel I'm a good cook and I usually feel confident trying out new recipes when we are entertaining.  However, I suppose each of us has found something that falls under our scope of perfection.  My first one is homemade pie crust.  My grandmother tried to teach me when I was younger, hailing it was the easiest and "anyone" could make it.  Wrong!  I could have thrown mine against a window and broken it....seriously!

Now for my pizza crust making ability.  It is edible and not terrible, BUT will I serve it when we have people over?  Probably not....

Enter our local supermarket, sentry foods fresh deli, where they make the freshest salads, sandwiches and homemade a pizza to order.  This has become our Friday night meal when our family comes up to the lake house to spend the weekend.  For our group of 8, we have different dietary requests, loves and needs.  I called ahead of time, giving the great people at the deli our orders, and pick them up ready to bake when our family arrives at various times.  

Our family has a gluten-free only member,  a cheese only during Lent on Fridays, a request for ham & pineapple on another, a pizza with tomatoes and black olives, and then the pizza for meat lovers.   

The plan goes like this: Text me when you are 10 minutes away.  Oven's preheated, pop in the pizza of choice, ready to slice and eat when they arrive.  

If you're having guests this weekend, shop around for a supermarket that will make your pizza fresh, or a pizza restaurant that will make fresh or par-bake so you can finish it at home.  Easy entertaining.  Thanks sentry foods. 

Happy weekend & thanks for reading Lakehouse Lyn! 

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