Thursday, November 12, 2015

Easy Weekend Breakfast when Hosting Guests

Thanksgiving is around the corner and many of us will be hosting family and friends in our homes.
When having overnight guests, simplicity and efficiency are key ingredients.  This applies as well to your own family to allow you time to enjoy the weekend.    Create a Grab and Go Station so your guests can wake up on their own schedule and create a breakfast to their liking.  I love using apothecary jars and baskets for storage and presentation.  Use them to store and present dried fruit, granola, cereal, sugar and sugar substitutes.    Customize the breakfast selection for your family or friends.  If you have young children in your group, pop tarts, juice boxes and individual packages of donuts are popular choices.  Adults prefer fresh fruit, muffins, croissants, granola bars, breads, bagels, cream cheese, cereal and yogurts.   Set up the toaster nearby for easy toasting.  An assortment of jams and jellies go well with butter. Set your bowls and plates nearby but if your budget allows, paper bowls and plates are perfectly acceptable too. 
Have a coffee area where you have the coffee pot ready to plug in and brew.  I have a keurig coffee maker in both of our homes, allowing each individual to make their own fresh cup of coffee with the coffee of their choice.  And I have a french press to brew freshly ground coffee for a special treat. A  small basket with a variety of Kcups for the Keurig maker and a tray holding coffee mugs, creamers, stirrers and sugar is all you need for a coffee house experience at home.  

                                                                          Happy Weekend



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