Thursday, July 16, 2015

Are you a cottage guest this weekend?

Headed to your friends cottage this weekend?  A beautiful sunset, a bottle of favorite wine, cheese and crackers on the Pier and you have found happiness.  

Each time we have family and friends stay with us at the lake house, they are more than helpful.  We may say no thanks when there is an offer to bring something, but we always appreciate a helpful hand or a guest bringing a snack, bottle of wine, craft beer or breakfast dish.  

Here are just a few items on Lake House Lyn Top Ten.

1) Bottled Waters

2) Sunscreen and/or bug repellent

3) A favorite dessert to pass and share. How about graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate bars for s'mores?

4)  Newspapers & Magazines to share and read

5)  Bagels and/or English Muffins

6)  Cream Cheese (what's a bagel without it after all)

7)  "Happy Hour" munchies like cut up fresh veggies, fresh fruit, dips, crackers or salsas

8)  Have a single cup coffee maker?  (Love my Keurig! ) A box of favorite Kcup coffee is always welcome! Have you tried pikeplace. ? My morning must have! 

9)  A bottle of wine to share is always welcome! P.S. oxfordlanding Chardonnay a favorite of mine. Just sayin:)

10)  Rainy day activities such as board game, card game or a crowd pleasing DVD

Enjoy your weekend!  

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