Thursday, January 1, 2015

A few of my favorite things

Our family shared a lovely Christmas Eve at my Dad's and Christmas day in our home.   I received such personal and meaningful gifts from my family and I wanted to share just a few.  I have been a blogger for 2 1/2 years now, and my dream was to make a book from some of my favorite blog posts.  This dream came true in the form of a gift from my husband, our daughter and son in law.  It came as a complete surprise and I will treasure it always!  It makes me proud to see my writings in book form.   Lakehouselyn Blog to Book arrived on a vintage bar cart I had fallen in love with while antiquing this past September.  Complete with golden touched accessories to match the look.  It proudly sits in our dining room and it feels very "Mad Men".  

Our son and daughter in law saw me struggling to listen to my music on the speakers on my computer recently while working on my writing, so they thought it was time I own a Blue tooth wireless speaker.  I am listening to the velvet smooth voices of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble', Dave Koz, Brian Culbertson (to name a few)  in beautiful stereo sound and taking them from room to room.  Most of you own wireless speakers of course, but I'm like a kid in a candy shop with new gadgets.  I'm going to enjoy this for a long time.  

Our son and daughter in law also give the ladies in the family a new purse each Christmas and I'm branching out from my neutral zone to awesome colors.  We all love this gift and look forward to it each year.  
Group gifts are fun.  For years, I surprise our family with tickets to attend a theater event.  We have seen Stomp, Blue Man Group, Wicked, Jersey Boys, and The Beatles "Rain" to name a few.  It's nice to dress up, have a pre theater meal, and enjoy a fabulous show in our beautiful theater district.  

My husband received a hand carved wooden sign to hang onto the beautiful tree house at the lake house he and our son built.  It was such a personal and meaningful gift.
My sister in law and niece had a map drawn of our lake for us to hang at the lake house in a gorgeous rustic looking frame that will add such character to our home up north.

Gifts from the heart are unique and special and mean so much. Homemade ornaments adorn our tree each year, including ornaments our children made for us while they were growing up and now our little grandchildren's lovely artwork and ornaments dress our tree beautifully.  They are proudly given to us and we proudly display and look forward to these each and every year. 
What did Santa bring you this Christmas?

May you all have a blessed and healthy 2015 and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog.  

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