Friday, December 13, 2013

Great Hostess Gifts

Here are a few of my "favorite things"

Are you invited to a holiday gathering and in need of a hostess gift?  Need a gift that your friend or family is sure to love that has a personal touch?  One of my sweetest (and so cute) gifts was from my daughter called Mistletoes.  She took a mason jar, filled it with cotton balls, an emery board, seasonal nail polish, and printed a label "Mistletoes" for the lid.  She personalized it with a chalkboard tag and voila!  I have posted it on Pinterest and this has had the most likes and repins of any of my boards!

This year I am putting together small gifts of pancake mixes and maple syrup I found on Vermont Country Store.  A gift everyone can use over the holidays or winter months for those mornings you stay in your pj's and watch the snow fall.  

Beautiful flowering winter plants are always a welcome gift. My personal favorite is the Amaryllis.  It blooms beautifully for Christmas and goes into hibernation until next Christmas.  

Another gift idea I do for hostess gifts is bake small loaves of your favorite bread in holidays tins you can find in any grocery store, wrap in clear wrap and wrap with a beautiful ribbon.  so many different and inexpensive ways of packaging can be found online.

What's your favorite hostess gift?

Happy birthday Ellen!!


  1. Love this post! And the pancake idea is GREAT, what a nice gift! Xo - Katie

  2. A Reenie Rose calendar & note cards of course!! Have a Merry Christmas!