Friday, July 19, 2013

Weddings Lakefront

Photo by LakeHouse
Our daughter's wedding day is this weekend and we have spent the last 1 1/2 years planning a magnificent and memorable day. Many families host weddings at their cabins or lake houses, so I thought I could offer a few tips for hosting a wedding at your second home.

Accommodations:  Hopefully you have hotels/motels nearby, but if not, get creative with sleeping a crowd.  I suggest calling your hotel(s) of choice as early as possible to inquire about a discount rate for a group function and blocking off rooms for your guests to call and book on their own.  The hotels we are using gave us 10 rooms to block and added more as they filled up.  The hotel will give you a cut off date  they will release rooms  if they are not used.

Food:  Buffets are a nice choice for a semi casual wedding setting and most caterers will provide everything you need and set up for you.  Family style is a nice way to go also when you have a crowd, that involved guests of all ages.  Paying for portion controlled meals can be wasteful for young children who tend to have a couple of bites.

Grounds Safety:  Manicure your lawn, clear brush and make the ground as level as possible for walking, tables and chairs, and dancing.

Weather:  Be prepared for whatever the season is, and always have a backup plan.  I highly recommend renting a tent and/or canopies and if the there's a chill in the air, rent outdoor heaters.  They work magnificently.

Equipment/Supplies:  Rent tables, chairs, linens, dishes, tableware, candelabras, portable dance floor, aisle runners from your local home improvement or special events company.  Some caterers provide these items too.

Parking:  Hire a parking attendant to assist in parking cars in your designated area..perhaps a flat area close to the driveway.  It helps if you have a golf cart to give rides to the party area to those who need assistance.

Power:  Make sure your cabin or lake house has enough power to run lighting, heaters, hot plates, music or DJ equipment.  Do you have a back up generator....just in case!

Signs:  Put up a sign the morning of the wedding at a key intersection showing guests which way to go.

Bathrooms:  Do you have enough to accommodate your guest list ?  If not, look into renting portables.

Liability:  Check with your homeowners insurance for coverage for your guests in the event of an injury.  We have added umbrella policies on our homes.

Whether you have a guest list of 10 or 100, organization and preparation in advance is key to making the event a success.

Have a wonderful weekend and please stop by for Grill Tuesday.

Congratulations to our daughter and new son and may you share a long and loving life together. We are so very proud of you.  Happy Wedding Day!



  1. You are the best wedding planner ...these are great tips! Xo

  2. What great ideas! A lake house wedding would be so fun! BUT LOVED Kaitlyn's wedding at the Shedd! Congrats Katie! xo

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