Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Mailboat III is Here at Last!

Reading The Captain's Tale!

Author Danielle Lincoln Hanna has done it again with her amazing murder suspense series, Mailboat.  Mailboat III The Captain's Tale is in bookstores now and it is my favorite of the series so far.  In this third of the Mailboat Suspense Series, I found myself getting answers to much awaited questions from Book II, but once again, our author leaves her readers hanging on to the edge of their seats as you follow along in the lives of Captain Tommy, Ryan, Monica and Bailey.  

Don't miss the chance to meet Danielle in Lake Geneva, Madison, Milwaukee Wisconsin or Chicago on her book signing tour this month June 8-23. Check out where she will be on the Events page of her web site Danielle Lincoln Hanna.  You can also order paperback copies of all of the Mailboat books in the series on Danielle's page or Amazon.  

The Captain's Tale is the "perfect" summer read! I've placed my order of several copies to place in my Little Free Library to share with neighbors and friends in our neighborhood.  It will have your book club buzzing so get on board today!

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