Monday, November 6, 2017

Easy Soup Tips for Soup Weather

~Here are a couple of tips I use when making soup~

I would be happy having homemade soup every day of my life.  Is there a better way to get your vitamins, vegetables, proteins and/or fiber?  Store bought is always fine, but if you have the time to make home made, here are a couple of helpful tips I've learned over the years.

Q.  Have leftover mashed potatoes or bread that's stale?
A. Stir it into your pot of soup.  When stirred, it becomes a delicious creamy texture.

Q.  Grated all of the Parmesan you can from the fresh chunk of Parmesan?  
A. Put the remaining Parmesan into the hot pot of soup, stir and it will give your soup a delicious flavor with a nutty twist.

Q.  Using store bought broth as your soup base?  
A.  I always purchase low sodium broth and flavor with my own seasonings.  I recommend spices from thespicehouse.  Check it out online.  When you receive your order and open the box, you won't believe the aroma!  I guarantee you won't go back to using anything else.  Grate fresh ginger or garlic into your soup if your recipe calls for it.  

Two pots are always better than one (freeze leftovers) Pictures are my chicken noodle and vegetable soups.

Is there anything better than a hot bowl of soup while in your comfy pjs?
Stay warm!

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