Thursday, September 7, 2017

Appreciating Where We Are Now

~Appreciate the Day~

~I love the rush of the waves of lakelife~

~Blankets of snow bring tranquility~

~Fall Seasons offers gorgeous color changes~

~Spring brings brilliant colors that bring smiles~

My family and I began a conversation today that has had me thinking all day.  We live in the Midwest and it's by choice.  All my life I have loved the change of seasons.  Each season brings with it it's own beauty.  Slowly over the years, the predictability of the seasons has been changing and we can no longer be assured the Winter will have snow, the Spring giving us gentle rainfall, the Summer heat will be long lasting or not, and will the Fall season fall short with early snows? Because of the Winters and gray skies lasting at times 6-7 months, we anxiously await the Summer sunshine so we can bring our shorts, sundresses, sandals out of storage and happily pack away our heavy coats and boots.  We Midwesterners are so anxious to live out the perfect days after what appears everyone on Social Media is doing, that we forget to enjoy the moments.  Let's stop worrying we are missing out and enjoying our special moments...😊

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