Thursday, February 16, 2017

Lose the Winter Blahs with a Game Weekend

Very Fierce Competition!

Grab your snacks, drinks, and most comfortable sweats and have a fun game weekend.  Our family favorite is "Blockhead".  A box of wooden blocks different shapes, colors and sizes, and everyone takes a turn placing a wooden piece on top of the others creating some of the most outrageous looking sculptures you can imagine.  By the end, you hold your breath in anticipation of your piece knocking the entire thing down.  It's great fun for all ages.  Even our 4 & 6 year old family members got into it, and by the way, did better than the rest of us at times. 

Blockhead by Pressman can be found on  (for $14.00), as well as some of our other family favorites, Operation for $15.75 (yes, it is the same fun you had as a kid),  Uno card game, and Hasbro Electronic Catch Phrase. Guaranteed hours of fun! Also try Catch Phrase for a large group.  

Don't forget the chips, dips, salsas,  nachos (did I mention I am a wiz at making 5 minute nachos?),  make up a batch of Chicago style cheese popcorn/caramel corn mix (the BEST!), wine, beer, sangria and juices for your "littles".  
What's your favorite family game?  

Happy Weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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  1. you ARE a whiz at 5 minute nachos! Love this post, a game and snacks is always the perfect cure:)