Thursday, September 8, 2016

Enjoy a Fall Picnic

I look forward to Fall every year. Leaves on the trees become brilliant colors and the air is suddenly crisp. Visiting the local farmers market and farm stands for the best selection of apples, pumpkins and squash are at the top of my list this month. Temperatures in the Midwest have been in the 90's this week, with humidity levels making it feel like 100. Summer is lingering and I'm not complaining. 

Al fresco dining is something our family enjoys Summer and Fall. .  With the calendar pages turning to September, you can still create a picnic Fall gathering easily with a bit of creativity. 

Here are a couple of simple suggestions to help enhance the experience.

1)  Throw a plaid blanket on a picnic table and give your table a nostalgic look.  

2)  Mason jars can serve as drinking glasses, utensil holders or my favorite is to pack individual salads in jars.

3)  Use pie plates as plates or muffin tins to hold condiments.

4)  Bundle silverware ahead of time in cloth napkins.

5)  Pumpkin or apple cider doughnuts (what else do you need?)

6)  Portable grills.

7)  Pumpkins and apples can serve as natural centerpieces.

What's your favorite picnic food?

Have a great weekend and embrace the day!


  1. Never thought to pack salads in mason clever! Love the fall picnic idea

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