Thursday, August 25, 2016

How Do You Brew your Coffee?

French Press

I love this antique box I found to keep my special Keurig KCups in.

I use an antique dish dryer rack to hang my coffee mugs.  Always a conversation piece.

I appreciate a great cup of coffee.  Years ago while visiting friends, they served us coffee made in a French Press.  If you want to treat your family and friends this weekend, try this method.  You start the coffee in the kitchen and finish it at the table where you can watch the brew process.  I like the Bodum french press and it can be found on Bodum.  
Here is the simplicity of the process that "connects" you to the coffee.  
Always use freshly ground coffee beans. Starbucks is my favorite coffee bean for it's rich and bold flavor. By the way pumpkin flavor fans like myself! Starbucks instant pumpkin latte has arrived in stores so stock up.  Plan on using approximately 1 tablespoon of grounds per cup.
Use a tea kettle to heat your water.  Let it sit for a couple of minutes after boiling before adding it to the french press.  
Pour the hot water into the press, slowly covering all the coffee grounds as you fill it up.  Stir the grounds immediately.
Add the filter on top and let the coffee steep for 4 minutes.  After the time has passed, press the plunger down and you are ready to pour and serve.  Customize with your favorite creamer, sugar, Agave nectar, or a sprinkle of ground cinnamon for a special treat.

Weekdays I use my Keurig single serve brewer . I generally drink just one cup in the morning and am the only one in the house drinking hot coffee.  My husband prefers cold pour iced coffee.  Making an entire pot of coffee each morning isn't practical. Plus it's quick and easy and there are over 500 varieties of coffee, tea and specialty beverages to choose from.  There are other single serve coffee makers out there of course, and everyone has a favorite.  We have a self serve coffee bar in our homes for family and friends who stay with us that gets a lot of use on weekends.   

Keep a coffee cake and/or cinnamon rolls in the freezer for coffee time! However you brew, enjoy and savor the moments. Happy weekend.

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