Monday, February 15, 2016

The Family Table

~ tomato soup & grilled cheese ~

Today is our sons birthday, so I am taking time to reflect on the years raising our children and the precious time spent together then and now.   Life is busier than ever with jobs, school, sports and taking care of the home.  Reconnecting at the supper table is a simple act that allows you to be together and share stories.  
Have you tried having everyone place their electronics into a basket out of sight at meal time?  Actually having a conversation with one another makes a difference in everyone's day.  
 Our go-to for comfort meal has always been grilled cheese and tomato soup.  
  While your favorite tomato soup is heating on the stovetop, make some easy grilled cheese sandwiches, let cool for a minute or two, and slice into 1" cubes on a cutting board.  
Place the grilled cheese cubes on top of each soup serving for a fun twist.  If you prefer, simply serve it up on a plate the old fashioned way and dip the grilled cheese into your hot soup.  

I appreciate the joy my family & friends have given me.

Happy birthday Ryan xo

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