Thursday, September 10, 2015

Heaven in a Hammock

Late Summer is fleeting and it's time to grab hold of every moment and savor!  If you don't own a hammock, check out the stores below for end of season sales.  We own rope style hammocks at our home, but there are so many types to select from.  

Rope hammocks are more popular in warm and hot climates.  You are kept cooler because the airflow isn't constricted. 
Fabric hammocks are ahead of the others in cooler climates inviting you to snuggle down with a pillow and blanket.  What an invitation to a lazy weekend. 

 Hammocks aren't just for indoors:) Check out for great indoor hammock ideas and how to install advice.

If you are feeling stressed or just need to recharge, a half hour in the hammock is a gateway to shutting down your mind for a while.  Relax, read a book and take a nap.




Happy Weekend and thanks for stopping by Lake House Lyn. 

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