Thursday, June 4, 2015

Items to Keep on Hand on your Boat for Safe Boating

When we purchased our Lake house 16 years ago, it came with a boat slip.  My husband and I knew absolutely nothing about operating a boat, though we had a lot of enthusiasm over the idea.  So we did our homework and research and ended up purchasing a 19 foot speed boat.  We shortly realized a boat of this size was too small for the amount of boat traffic on our lake after having waves one evening practically coming over the sides of our boat.  You live and learn.  Next summer we sold the 19 foot boat and purchased a 23 1/2  foot speed boat we still have and love.  There is always so much more to learn, but we have a list of important items to keep on your boat at all times.  Add these to your boat bag or box.
 Spare kill-switch clip
 WD40 or any other lubricating spray
 Spare engine pull cord
 Portable jump starter or jumper cables
 Spare spark plugs
 Socket wrench set
 Rubber mallet
Owner's manual for your engine
Small funnel
Life vests of all sizes

Losing a gas cap overboard when refueling can be a major headache (we found this out last year).  Especially if rain is in the forecast.  ALWAYS carry a spare.

A portable electric bilge pump that is battery operated can keep you afloat if your onboard pump fails or is unable to keep up with an emergency leak.  Make sure the batteries are fresh.

A spare bilge plug is a must.

Modern engines often have a variety of fuses to protect their electrical systems.  Carry spare fuses in the proper sizes.

Duct tape is the classic cure-all and can be used to temporarily fix anything from leaky hoses to damaged hulls.

Have a good weekend and safe and happy boating.  Stop by next week for Grill Tuesday.


Info by Cabin Life Magazine

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  1. These are great tips to avoid any scary situations! You are very knowledgeable on the subject, I'm impressed :)