Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning

Do I really need 5 bottles of Chili Powder?


Refilling Spice Rack


It's the time of year we open up the cabin and await family and friends to visit. At the top of my list was cleaning pantries and spice cabinets.  I am the chief cook and baker in the family.  My first clue this was necessary was each time I opened my pantry shelves, I needed to cover my head with my arms to protect myself from falling objects.  Sound familiar?  I spent the entire morning checking dates on spices and cans.  Next task was tossing and rearranging my shelves.   I anticipate this to remain neat and orderly for about a month. LOL.  As I begin to use them and am in a rush to toss them back haphazardly, I will enjoy my accomplishment for now.  Baking spices together, cooking spices also together. Like I said..."for now".  And who knew I had so much food coloring?  Nice to know with Easter egg coloring right around the corner.  If you need vanilla extract, I am your girl.  

What is it about Spring that makes us want to clean, toss, and rejuvenate?  Spring gives us a fresh start and a new beginning.  The snow is gone, trees are showing signs of life,  the grass is slowly turning green and I am watching for my tulips and daffodils to pop their heads out of the thawing ground.  

Do you have a Spring ritual?

Here's to the weekend!  Thanks for visiting Lakehouselyn.  

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