Thursday, October 23, 2014

Paradise in Islamorada

 Ocean House Islamorada

My husband and I recently celebrated a very special wedding anniversary.  After a couple of weeks of reading reviews of different destinations domestically as well as internationally, our research led us to an island in the Florida Keys south of Miami called Islamorada.  
Legend has it that Islamorada means "Purple Isle" , the name given by Spanish explorers who noticed a purple hue on the coastline.  It is the sports fishing capital of the world and a #1 destination for divers.  
Living in the Midwest, we deal with traffic back ups no matter the time of day or night.  Here on the island there is one road linking the different Keys off the tip of southern Florida that runs north and south.  Drivers seem courteous and relaxed.  Restaurants are chosen not just by cuisine but are you looking to view a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  Both are indescribably breathtaking.  If your taste buds dictate towards seafood, be assured your lunch and dinner is freshly caught and prepared utilizing the tropical fruits and vegetables that are locally grown.

Our beautiful lanai of our beautiful room at Ocean House overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and feeling truly inspired by nature's blessings.  You have no choice but be in awe of the different colors the ocean changes to at different times of the day, turning from deep turquoise to crystal blue and smooth as glass.   We have shared this beautiful land with a mother and baby iguanas, geckos, and have seen a jellyfish wash ashore.  
The wonderful team who make Ocean House make you feel like family from the first moment you place foot on the grounds of this tropical paradise and make sure every one of your needs is taken care of. We had breakfast of fresh yogurt, fruit, pastry and orange juice served to us on a tray every day.  You will be asked if you want it served in your room, on your Lanai, or in your cabana at the pool.  Bikes are available to ride when you want t enjoy to enjoy a little exercise.  There is not a restaurant on site but an extensive menu is offered for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks served once again any of the above locations.  Ocean House works with select restaurants in the area.  Did I mention they have the best pina colada I ever tasted?  Complete with fresh coconut on top!  You can arrange a massage in your cabana or in your room.  You are greeted if going our for dinner and welcomed back when you arrive "home".    They have made our trip here one we will remember the rest of our lives and we look forward to returning .  

Happy weekend and thanks for sharing a special time with me.
Happy 40 to my husband and here's to the next 40! I can't wait!  I love you!


  1. These photos are GORGEOUS! Simplicity at it's finest. Happy 40 to the best parents:)