Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Best Grilling Accessories

Check out a few of my favorite accessories guaranteed to make your grilling experience easier .  Do you have any to share?

Cuisinart sauce pot and basting brush set can be found on Amazon.com for $14.99.  It's a durable stainless steel sauce pot and lid.  The basting pot holds up to 16 fluid ounces of sauce and has a basting brush integrated into the lid for convenience.  The removable silicone brush head is dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. 

Charcoal companion stainless steel hot dog or sausage roller rack is awesome for your next barbecue.  Each rack holds up to 5 sausages or hot dogs so stock up.  They sell out quickly.  Keeps food up off the grill, roll to turn and is dishwasher safe.  It's a Win-Win! Can be purchased on Amazon.com. 

Cedar grill planks are a fun item to add to your grilling repertoire.  By simply soaking the plank in water for one hour, put it on the hot grill and place your meat, fruit, fish or vegetables right on top to give it delicious smoky flavor.  They are sold everywhere you buy grilling supplies but check out https://fireandflavor.com.

The propane gas gauge monitor will ease your mind while grilling concerning gas leaks or whether your propane tank will run out of gas while you are in the middle of grilling your meal.  For just $26.95, check it out at www.gasgaugedirect.com.  It fits all tanks up to 100 lbs. that were made after 1995.  

Happy Grilling:)

Big birthday shout out to my brother DJ today!! xo

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