Thursday, March 6, 2014

Welcome for your Family and Friends

One of my favorite shops,, is a store that was started by sisters who have successfully brought their passions of home decorating, gardening and spirit renewal together.  They have created a store that gives you a good feeling as soon as you walk in the door.  I love the idea of furniture or accents for our home that has a history and at Angelus, there are rooms of colorful, always changing repurposed treasures. They also hold decorative paint workshops and I hope to attend one in the near future.  My most recent purchase was this Welcome Basket.  I was told this basket had been used in northern Wisconsin to collect, wash and drain cranberries.  Our family members have a history of helping create the well known Cranberry Festival held every October in Stone Lake, Wisconsin  which now draws 30,000 or more visitors each year.  I am using our Welcome Basket to hold menus, brochures, magazines and maps from the area.  It warms my heart knowing this basket has been given a new life for many years to come.  
Relax, Rejoice, Restore, Repurpose, Renew, Refresh
My husband and I discovered and are enjoying snowshoeing this winter.  We are on the hunt at second hand sports shops to purchase a few other sets of snowshoes to keep at the house for family and friends who desire to join in.  We have enjoyed sledding this winter too with the 60 plus inches or more of snow that has fallen.  As much as we have enjoyed these activities, Spring's arrival this month will be very welcome.  

Thanks for stopping in:) Happy Weekend!

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