Friday, September 13, 2013

The Pantry: Summer to Fall

The Fall season has brought out the chill in the air and the need to evaluate what exactly is in my pantry so I recently spent an entire Sunday morning cleaning out my kitchen pantry. I started tossing cans and jars with expired dates and organizing my vegetables, soups, spices, dips, pastas and sauces.  The seasonal turnover from summer meals of salads and grilled dishes to heartier dishes is here and always makes me happy. 

 There is a feeling of comfort that the smell of a pot roast or stew provides and reminds me of when I was growing up. I come from a family of 5 children and my Mom was an excellent cook who could always stretch a meal to feed all of us until we were stuffed. We could count on supper on the table when my Dad came home at 5:30 and the house always smelled wonderful with Mom's cooking.  With most homes having two incomes these days, the crock pot or slow cooker has gained a large presence in a lot of homes and you can still have the same great smell of dinner cooking at supper time, but now you can get it started early in the morning and it's ready to serve when your family returns home.  In my mind, one of the best inventions ever!  

Have you started switching over to fall foods yet? What are you  most excited to make?

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  1. I like the personal story about your family dinners...Great post!