Friday, January 18, 2013

Lake House Essentials

I look forward to reading Cabin Life Magazine every month and I can always count on finding useful information I can utilize for our lake life in the northern woods. I love this list from the February 2013 issue and hope you will find it useful. Enjoy and make sure you find time for yourself.                       

 I keep a cabinet with board games, playing cards and puzzles for guests to play at their leisure.  It's also nice to keep a couple of disposable cameras for your guest's to use just in case your smartphone is in need of a charge and they are a fun throwback to the days of film. The hammocks we keep near the woods are very popular with our family and friends and it's always appreciated to keep a few books (or Cabin Life!) in baskets nearby for hammock lake reading. 

Side note: Have you checked out Goodreads for what people are reading and recommending?  Great source for books for your cabin!  Happy Friday!



  1. Great post! Love the "at the lake" sign ;)

  2. makes me want to go to the lake house stat!! ;)