Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Mom!


It’s our favorite day of the year! I am so proud of you for creating this wonderful blog where people can enjoy your tasty recipes and brilliant hosting ideas, cultivated from years of experience. You add a personal touch to everything you do, making those around you feel like each special event was specifically designed for them.

Never have you let my birthday pass without chocolate chip pancakes, a homemade cake or dinner at my favorite restaurant (Do all our events revolve around eating?) Combine that with the colorful balloons that decorate every inch of the house and the birthday sign (sorry, pup)….I always felt like a princess for a day. On the same note, my love for Christmas certainly stems from you and all our years of holiday movies paired with hot chocolate, putting up the village together and the excitement of running down the hall to see what Santa brought us kids (he never got it wrong!) 

These are just come of the unforgettable moments that have a place in my heart, thanks to you. Now the world is lucky enough to get a peek inside the mind of the best woman I know. Enjoy your brand new look :-)

Love always,


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