Friday, October 12, 2012

Planning for a Rainy Weekend

                                                               LET IT RAIN!!

Our family plans of a beautiful autumn weekend filled with pumpkin picking at the local pumpkin patch and a night of fright at the annual Haunted Hayride at our local stable may be a bit soggy according to the weather forecast.  So, you can grab boots, umbrellas and coats and make the best of it or..... have a Plan B:)  Ours will be Movie Weekend complete with sweet and salty snacks!  We have a couple of favorite movies that always bring smiles and laughter and they are perfect for viewing at the lakehouse since they both involve families and comedies set at the lake or in the north woods. I recommend:

THE GREAT OUTDOORS.... starring John Candy, Dan Akroyd and Annette Benning
WHAT ABOUT BOB?....  starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss

Both feature lighthearted fun for the weekend crowd.  We never get tired of these classic comedies.  For years, our home has been the gathering place for our kids and their friends.  I learned how to put together a quick, tasty sweet and salty snack mix with foods I had in the house and this mixture has became such a favorite, I make sure I keep the ingredients on hand. The best part is the PREP TIME IS 5 MINUTES!

You mix the following in a large bowl, serve up and enjoy in your most comfy clothes!

1 bag of popped microwave popcorn ( I love Orville Redenbacher Natural butter flavor)
1 bag plain M & M's
1 bag pretzels of your choice
1 bag cheddar flavored Chex Mix snack mix
1 bag nacho and/or cool ranch doritos
and if you feel you need more chocolate, put in a cup of mini chocolate chips!


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