Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mailboat Book Two is Almost Here

The summer of 2016 gave us the first of author Danielle Lincoln Hanna's murder mystery series, Mailboat Book One. The story began in the resort town of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where the mail has been delivered to the mansions in the summer by The Walworth mailboat.  Resident "mail jumpers" jump off and back on the boat, placing the mail in the mailbox all while the Walworth glides by the pier to it's next stop.  Mailboat Book One left us with anticipation and holding our breath over who is committing murders in this idyllic lakeside town and wondering the fate of Bailey, the young mail jumper caught up in the twists and turns the author provides in this summer thriller.

~MailBoat Book Two~
The long awaited Mailboat Book Two is being released in August. Happy to be on Danielle Lincoln Hanna's early reader team, I found Danielle has once again exceeded my expectations with the newest book in her suspense mystery series.  The author hopes to make this a series of six books and I find myself eager to see how the next book turns out.  I've been a home owner in the Lake Geneva area for many years and I find the accuracy Danielle uses in covering the area attractions and landmarks impressive, adding to the appeal to these stories. 

Danielle will be in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin promoting Mailboat Book Two August 10 through 19.  You can meet her at the Cornerstone Shop & Gallery at 214 Broad Street in Lake Geneva on Saturday, August 11 from 12-4 to sign your books so mark your calendar. Be sure to check out Danielle's webpage and sign up for her newsletter to get updates on her other book signings at Danielle Lincoln Hanna events.

I read Mailboat Book One over again and it's a thrilling page turner each time!

Happy reading!

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