Thursday, December 8, 2016

Christmas at the Cabin

The pace is slower and life is uncomplicated when at the lake house, so invite your family and friends and head to the cabin as soon as possible.  Here are a few tips to make the holidays run smoothly and relaxed for everyone.  

The Christmas Tree - Find a tree locally and bring your saw to cut your own down or find a tree lot where they are already cut down for you.  Incorporate the help of the family to choose the best tree.  Decorating the tree is a fun activity that includes everyone.  Ask each family member or friend to bring an ornament to share on the tree.  

A fun group activity- gather around the fireplace and make large bowls of popcorn.  Hand out needles and thread and have everyone make popcorn garland to string on the Christmas tree.

Make your own ornaments with the kids - Construction paper, scissors, glue and glitter provide materials for making paper snowflakes or other ornament shapes of your choice.

Premade freezer friendly foods -  make up ahead of time minestrone soup, cinnamon coffee cake, egg, cheese and ham casserole to grab and heat for time saving meals. 

Pajama Day - Designate a day for spending the entire day in pajamas for utter relaxation.

Treats for your guests - offer your guests slippers, hot chocolate packets, mugs,  chocolates

Outdoor entertainment - one of the best parts of being at the lake house is the great outdoors.  Cold climate like the Midwest provides entertainment of sledding, skiing, ice skating, snowshoe hiking, not to mention snowball fights, making snow angels and taking nature walks together.

Don't forget the ambience - Candles in all shapes and forms!  Votives or tapers, the scents of the holidays are inviting.  Cranberry, pine, holly berry or cinnamon.

Holiday music - After Thanksgiving each year, out comes my Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby Christmas music.  Record several of your favorites before you head to the lake house for everyone to enjoy.

Be prepared for emergencies - Always keep on hand jumper cables for car batteries that won't start, shovels, melting salt or sand to deice the walkway, driveway and porch.  

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