Monday, November 28, 2016

Had Enough Turkey? Set Up a Make Your own Panini Station

Because Sandwiches are a universal comfort food, it's fun to play with different variations of them….

Bloody Mary Station

We all indulged in a bountiful Thanksgiving meal and have enjoyed the leftovers for days.  Here is a fun idea for supper tonight.

 I find my family and friends generally like to customize their food in a relaxed atmosphere . I love my Panini maker but if you don't own one, a griddle does the job just as nicely.  My Panini maker will fit 3 sandwiches.  The nice part is anything goes....I make up a large deli tray full of ham, oven roasted turkey and roast beef, provolone,  swiss and sharp cheddar sliced cheeses, put out baskets of wheat, sourdough,  multigrain breads and rolls and different toppings.  Fig spread, marinated artichokes,  sundried tomatoes, Nutella, a variety of mustards, mayonnaise, and butter.  It's fun to see the combinations your family and friends will come up with.  

For a sweet Panini, try strawberry, banana and Nutella.   Or chocolate chips and banana.  Brioche bread or sourdough best for dessert because of their heartier texture.

~Happy Tuesday~

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  1. Our sandwiches were great but next time, I am definitely going with the strawberry, banana and Nutella option! Great tips for weekend entertaining