Thursday, April 21, 2016

Celebrate Earth Day as a Family

photo and ideas found on Family Education
Celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22nd by learning more about our environment and make a commitment to help protect the world we live in.  Get involved in community groups or start a group of your own.  Plant trees or perhaps find others who have an interest in installing a community garden in your neighborhood.  Toss your bottled waters and invest in a good BPA free bottle to refill on your own.  

Children are never too young to begin teaching how to nurture their neighborhood and the earth.  An excellent source of information link is fun.familyeducation.  Go to the link and scroll down to the bottom of the page for some fun ideas.  

~A few of my favorite ideas are ~

Take a family bike ride explaining you are using an environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

Turn off the heat or air conditioning and open the windows.  

Scatter seeds or bread crumbs in your yard and let your children watch the variety of birds who gather to enjoy the "Earth Day" feast.

Cook a meal together using local produce.  Supporting local farmers and markets reduces your dependency on fossil fuels used to otherwise get these items to you. 

What are you doing today to observe conservation of our great planet? 

Enjoy your Weekend!

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