Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter is Around the Corner

Easter Sunday is quickly approaching. So each year our family celebrates together with an Easter brunch and everyone brings a dish for all of us to enjoy.  Weather permitting, we have an Easter egg hunt for the littlest members of the family (don't be fooled...we ALL take part in the competition!) and small prizes await the winners.  Somehow there is always a prize for each young participant. 

Ideally, this is held outdoors.  However, if it rains on your Easter parade, don't fret.  It can be just as much indoors.  You just have to be inventive.  Restrict the egg hunt to 1 level of the house.  Close doors and hang signs on doors of rooms you want to avoid playing in.  Signs can say "No Bunny Crossing.

Outdoors, create a safe egg hunt area by using festive ribbons and garden stakes to mark off prohibited areas such as ponds, roads, bushes or trees with thorns, or neighbors yards.

I suggest always using plastic eggs.  Simply because if there is an egg that isn't found, do you want to be dealing with the foul odor from a rotting egg for days or weeks? I know I don't.  

Fill the plastic eggs ahead of time with either coins, jelly beans, m&m's or any small candy of choice.  
Provide baskets for the participants.  Or head to the local craft store and pick up white lunch size bags, markers, crayons, stickers and have each child make their own special "egg hunt" bag to use.  

Prizes are always welcome at the end of the hunt.  Inexpensive prizes can be bubbles, sidewalk chalk, or small gift cards for local toy or movie stores.
Happy Weekend!

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