Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holiday Traditions


With Christmas quickly approaching, and everyone is busy writing holiday cards, decorating their trees, putting lights on their houses, and baking goodies,  it's important to remember those who have played an important role in our lives, past and present.  Our family is feeling the loss of my mother in law, who passed away this Summer .  She loved Christmas and all of the traditions we have done as a family for all of our years together.  With both my husband's Mom and my Mom passed, it's more important than ever to keep the traditions going.  Holiday traditions provide comfort and meaning to families and individuals.    
Here are a few of our favorite traditions I'd like to share with you . 

Have a wonderful weekend!

Passing down the family recipes
Attending the town tree lighting and singing Christmas caroles
My sweet hubby ringing the bell for the salvationarmy through his Rotary Club
The annual baking date the Sunday before Christmas with my girls
Might be our best year yet!  Peppermint brownies:) 
The traditional family Christmas morning cinnamon coffee cake.  I bought this baking pan from wilton so my cake is shaped like trees.  Sprinkle powdered sugar on top for a snowy look.
Our daughter has been placing the angel on the tree since she was a baby
Table set for Christmas morning brunch
St. Nicholas Day (Stocking Day)
grandgeneva in Lake Geneva sets up Christmas in the Country attracting visitors far and near for years
The annual visit to take pictures in front of the house in the movie Home Alone with brunch after.
It's one of my favorite times of the year with my daughter Kaitlyn of sistersmarie. 

We like to visit the local zoo's Festival of Lights with our entire family.  From the time I was younger and our children were young to the present time, we have always loved taking drives in the evening to admire decorated homes for the holidays.

What are your family traditions? I would love to hear special things you do for the holidays with your family or friends.  

Special birthday shout out to our son in law Mike!! XO


  1. #AllTheFreakingFeels. I just put up my tree today, and while I did it alone, I still kept traditions that have been ingrained into me. I listened to that one special Christmas album. I put the nativity under the tree instead of on a mantle or shelf. And several of the ornaments on my tree were bought specifically because they resemble ornaments that were on my tree growing up. Thanks for sharing your family's traditions!

    1. Your Christmas tree day sounds heartwarming and lovely. I have special Christmas albums that are favorites and are played while trimming the tree too. Ornaments with special meaning are like old friends, aren't they? Sparking past memories that are special. Thanks for sharing your traditions:)

  2. What a lovely post! Makes you realize how many amazing traditions we have and many of them are because of you and your special touches, Mom! Xo