Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tailgating This Weekend (Useful Tips)

I have never tailgated at a sporting event before, so when our niece suggested a group of family attend a pro Baseball game this Summer, I jumped on board.  Then when she suggested tailgating, my first reaction was, I need to think about this.  Considering it was 90 degrees for a 1:00 game, so the hottest part of the day.

It turned out to be so much fun, we didn't want to leave our tailgating party and head to our seats.  Turns out the tailgating was the best part.  Laid back, grilling with so many families and friends around us laughing, grilling and enjoying being together.  We had the sky line of the city behind us, the roar of the ballpark crowd, and not a care in the world under the deep blue sky.  Eventually, we headed to the game, and after one of the longest games in history (16 innings), and a rain storm to delay the game, they lost!  Oh well.  Still had one of the best days ever!

A basket or caddy to carry paper goods and/or condiments

We used a small propane gas grill

Large table to hold your food

Cornhole bag game

Snacks, coolers, and a canopy for shade

A fun food idea to serve at your next tailgate party is a Walking Frito Pie...

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*Check below how to serve this fun idea at your next party!

                                                               ~Tailgate Essentials~

a)  Canopy to provide shade b) Folding chairs c) Portable grill, charcoal, gas, and/or matches d) Grilling tools e)  Meats to grill: burgers, hot dogs, sausage, ribs, steaks f) Chips of all kinds!! g)  Dips & Salsas h) ICE!  I) Cooler with drinks & beverages of all kinds, j) a caddy carrying plates, napkins, cups, opener, silverware, napkins, ketchup, mustard, relishes, k) music l) games (we love corn hole bags) m) large helium balloon to make it easy for friends to find their way back n) plastic ziplock bags 0) garbage bags p) sunscreen q) bottle opener r( paper towels s) instead of a cooler, empty a case of beer, line with a couple of plastic garbage bags, put the beer back in and fill with ice.  When the beer is gone, toss the box t) extra ice u)  first aid kit v) wet wipes w) tongs x) spatulas  y) can opener z) serving spoons & forks.

**Walking Taco Pie - Individual bags of Fritos served in a basket, homemade or store bought chili warmed in your slow cooker, toppings of sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers chopped, diced tomatoes, and spoons.  Fold down the Frito bag, ladle in the warm chili and top with toppings of your choice. The best part is there is no bowl to transport or wash.  Toss the bag when you are finished.  Awesome.

                                                                    Happy Weekend!

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