Thursday, July 9, 2015

Easy Summer Entertaining with a Bloody Mary Bar

Everyone loves a Summer cocktail and who doesn't love customizing it with their favorite mixes and additions?  Set up all your toppings, mixers, vodkas, glasses, stirrers, and big cube ice for an easy Bloody Mary Bar.   My favorite mixer is vintagevinemix with just the right amount of spices.  Vintage Vine is natural and gluten free and made with the highest quality ingredients.  A couple of college friends set out in Chicago to create the perfect Bloody mary and after years of testing, they came up with vintgevinemix.  You can purchase it online on their website for $8.00 per jar and 3 jars for $24.00.  
Mix with your favorite vodka. Our favorites are titosvodka or absolutvodka and it's your own personal preference.  Either one teams up beautifully for a delicious tasting cocktail friends and family will rave about. 
Everyone has their own style for customizing their Bloody Mary. Here are a few suggestions to top off your drink with taste and style.

Pickle spears, blue cheese olives, celery, grape tomatoes, cucumber spears, dill pickles, Tabasco, celery salt, lime wedges, a small dollop of horseradish if you like extra kick and a shake of Worceshire.

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