Friday, August 30, 2013

Labor Day Dessert

Happy One Year Anniversary LakehouseLyn today! In honor of Labor Day weekend and my first anniversary, I am sharing a delicious and EASY dessert I made this week that is so simple and presents itself beautifully for entertaining.  Utilize the end of summer strawberries and blueberries while they are here.  Strawberry Shortcake served on split individual biscuits, real whipped cream and freshly sliced strawberries and blueberries.  I used Deans Whipping Cream for my whipped cream, but you can certainly shortcut and use refrigerated canned real Whipped Cream.  The trick to using real whipping cream is to use a chilled glass bowl and chill your beaters from the electric mixer a couple of hours before use.  Pour the carton of cream into your bowl and beat on highest speed on your hand mixer until they form stiff peaks.  To add sweetness, I then added Domino Organic Agave Nectar, I found at my grocery store.  Drizzle it into the whipped cream and blend it gently. I added the sweetener to my fruit too and it was delicious.  You can make your biscuits homemade OR simplify and use refrigerated dough biscuits.  Either way is a winner!  Have a Happy an Safe Labor Day and thanks for being a LakehouseLyn guest.  I appreciate it!  



  1. Happy 1 year Mom! You are an entertaining inspiration :) Xo

  2. I appreciate that so much! You girls inspire me! :) xoxo